Life Insurance No Medical Exam For Funeral Expenses

Planning your funeral is not a thing to do if you not have a strong will and you are able to overcome unpleasant feelings.  Still, pre-arranging the funeral has become a common practice for many people.  The best way to make sure that you will get an honorable funeral, according to your wishes, is to save money from time.

Funeral6The best way to save money is through life insurance.  Final expense insurance is a cheap policy/rider specially created for this purpose. In this blog post we will discuss about life insurance no medical exam for funeral expenses.

Final expense insurance is a low cost, simple policy which can be obtained without having to take medical exams. Senior citizens represent the vast majority of people who usually apply for this type of insurance.  Financing this policy for 5 or 10 years will give sufficient money to reimburse the beneficiaries upon death.

Unlike other policies, claims are solved immediately, to give the mourning family all the financial support it needs in order to properly plan and pay a funeral. And since the policy saves around $10.000-$20.000, the premiums will be very low, starting with just several tens of bucks.

Some companies prefer to keep the premiums at the same level, while others prefer to increase the cost of premiums in time, just like in the case of term life insurance policies.  Since the policy does not require medical examinations, the application papers will be analyzed extremely fast. In most cases, you will be accepted in the same day.

Visit a local funeral house and talk with its director, before applying to final expense insurance. Find out what services are typically required for preserving the body and how much do they cost. After you have determined an average cost for you funeral, you should contact a life insurance company and request a policy.

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